About Meson

History & Business Range

Since 2004 - Present​

-. Inkjet related Special INK ​
ㆍExclusive distributor of Sepiax & Marabu Ink GmbH in Germany​
ㆍExclusive distributor of Tiger Coating GmbH in Austria (www.tigercoatings.com)​
ㆍExclusive distributor of Print-Rite New Material Corp in Macao (www.printrite-nm.com)​

-. Inkjet related Controller​
ㆍExclusive distributing and Technical support partner of Meteor Inkjet in UK (www.meteorinkjet.com)​
ㆍBusiness partner of BYHX in China​

-. Inkjet related Raster Image Processing software​
ㆍExclusive distributor of Caldera software in France (www.caldera.com)​
ㆍOEM development partner of Flexi Sai software in Belgium (www.thinksai.com)​

-. Inkjet Printer head suppling Partner​
ㆍRicoh/Konica Minolta Head suppler​

-. Industrial application Inkjet Printer consulting and Engineering​
ㆍGlass/Ceramic Printer Engineering and Development​
ㆍMetal Sheet and Roll to Roll Printer